Branding work for a café based around the idea of sharing your story and connecting intergenerations.


I was fortunate enough to be involved in the team that developed the concept and business strategy around Conté Coffee. The following is a brief look into our business canvas regarding our key partners and our customer segments.

Our immediate team at Conté Coffee is extremely skillful in a number of ways, however, like most new businesses, we will be required to align ourselves with some outside resources and expertise. 
We want to align ourselves with not only talented enterprises, but with those who have similar values to ourselves. Considering this is was an obvious choice for us to partner with Australia Post. The act of sending letters has undoubtedly seen a slump in recent years, however this art of letter writing, the tactile uniqueness of it, is what our business is framed on. Therefore by siding with Australia  Post we can not only benefit ourselves, but potentially others as well, which ultimately is the purpose of Conté Coffee. As the unique letters by our customers are what shape our ever changing branding and get printed onto our take away cups, we want to inform the author of their story that they have been utilized and that it is getting further shared. This is where Australia Post will be utilised.
As mentioned the stories written by our customers are what ultimately will shape our branding, getting transformed into prints for our take away coffee cups. We consider this process to be an ongoing one, allowing us to share many stories as time goes by. This will require us to partner with an incredibly reliable printing company that we can trust. Being a local business as we are it was very important for us to utilize other Australian and local business to further our own. This is why we decided to partner with MyPaperCups, an incredibly talented team known for their world class design and we believe they have a similar approach as we do. 
Their message -
Your needs are the highest priority for the team at MyPaperCups and we work hard to ensure that those needs are met. We strive to not just deliver you some printed coffee cups but to work with you in helping further your brand and making the most out of your custom paper cup design - making it something that you can be proud of, something that is a point of difference for your business and something your customers can't stop commenting on.’
Although we see the potential for great growth of our business, expanding well beyond the Mornington Peninsula, we first must consider what take place prior be being able to open our doors. We want to be able to open up with already an arsenal of letters to ensure the experience our initial customers have is the one we envisioned. To achieve this we have partnered with Beleura Village, as amazing retirement community based in the Mornington Peninsula known for their extensive range of activity and facilities. With the assistance of the team at Beleura Village we have proposed a letter-writing program for the residence to partake in. These we be the very first and initial letters that help shape Conté Coffee.

Our ultimate aim for Conté coffee was to offer a safe location to elderly people living at home alone. We understand just how dangerous isolation can be and what loneliness is capable of. We wanted to be a place for them to connect, if not will others derectly then through their uniquely hand written story. This act of tactility we felt essential. The letters are a way for our elderly demographic to break from reality, to get lost within someones story, to connect.
Although our vision is large, our settling is simple a humble coffee stop. This was deliberate. Conté Coffee, although primarily targeted at an elder audience, is for the community. Our ultimate goal isint to simple connect elderly people with elderly people but mix generations. During our research into identifying the success of our enterprise we found a very naïve mindset within some generations towards what the elderly had to offer. Our letters are what are going to help bridge this gap. These exciting, unique and potential previously unheard stories and finally going to have not only a platform, but a purpose.
Conté Coffee has also planned to collate all of our handwritten stories into a book for purchase. Something personal, something real. We envision a younger audience, anywhere from 25 years old up to 40, will more often than not buy this book. This is based on the fact we believe it will be sourced as a gift for an elderly audience who is either unable, or not in the vicinity to, physically visit one of our locations. This will allow them to feel a connection within the confines on their own home.